Vinitaly 2018, every year a pleasure to meet up again with “Old friends” and “New labels” of amphora wines

2018/04/18     / / / / / /

Catching up with Amphora wine-producing friends at Vinitaly 2018. Among them Marco Capitoni, Al di là del fiume, Tenuta Casadei, Agricola Arrighi, Azienda Ronchi, Agricola Lonetti (see photos). It’s always a pleasure to see them again, year after year, to taste and talk about their wines refined in our amphorae, “Old friends” and “New labels”.

Leonardo Parisi with the owners of “Agricola Marco Capitoni” (Pienza)

Leonardo Parisi with Antonio Arrighi from “Agricola Arrighi” (Porto Azzurro, Island of Elba)

The owner of “Agricola Ronchi” located in the Langhe with a hectare of vineyards in Guarenein, the rest in the “Ronchi” area, from which it takes its name.




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