Visintini wines made in Artenova amphorae since 2013


Artenova Amphorae in the Visintini winery

The Estate belonging to the Vini Visintini company covers about 35 hectares, located for the most part in the DOC area of Friuli Colli Orientali, behind Corno di Rosazzo (Udine), in Gramogliano. The estate is only 12 km from the vineyards owned by the well-known Amphora Wine pioneer, Josko Gravner. Thanks to the divulging of his work in the making of Amphora Wine through wine tasting events and other experiences, the approach to terracotta was automatic in this area. In fact, in 2013 Visintini decided to use the amphorae produced by Artenova from Impruneta.

The “Azienda Agricola Visintini Andrea” is also linked to the Gramogliano Bio District, in the Eastern Hills of Friuli. The Bio District includes many agricultural productions and tourist activities. The entire geographical area supports and promotes many organic and short supply chain models. “We began working organically in 2006 – explains Visentini – and we are biodynamic since 2007.
Already having an idea of ​​natural methods in the vineyard, we also brought them to the cellar. We have been certified BIO (organic) since 2014. This thanks to the Organic District project, which saw the light in 2015 and which led to a change of direction for many companies. Today in our Municipality, 30% of the companies are organic, but if we look at the vineyard area, we are talking about 50%. Fortunate to reside in an area with such a “vocation” and with so much land re-directed to natural ways of farming, we decided to start by making two wines that would become the synthesis of our journey. We were also looking for particular containers. So in 2013 we acquired our first Amphora and started with a wine made from “Pignolo”, our native grape”.

The collaboration with Adriano Zago, an expert in the field of biodynamics, was also important in our choice.

“We tasted many Artenova Amphora wines which have a very pleasant nuance of clay – continues Visintini – this made us decide to start from the Artenova workshop. With the first amphora we were able to ascertain, through analysis, the type of clay used, the absolute cleanliness and the guarantee of non-release of heavy metals or other toxic chemicals into the wine. From then on, the work went full steam ahead. Now in the cellar we have eight 800-litre terracotta jars”.

The wines that the Visintini Company decided to produce in Artenova Amphorae are made from the grapes of the native vines Pignolo and Friulano. “These are wines were well received even by newcomers to the market who were struck by their elegance. Wine tasting moments with various importers from the United States, Holland, Germany, Australia, Poland and France were also highly appreciated”.



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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta