Wine from Doglio and Monterubaglio (Umbria) made in Artenova Amphorae

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Among the latest clientele of the Impruneta company Artenova, we find new exponents of the Italian wine world who have decided to use terracotta pots for their wines, consolidating the positive trend of Amphora Wine.

Vineyards in the locality of Doglio, in the Municipality of Monte Castello di Vibio, Todi

Here we are in Doglio in the province of Todi, Umbria, in an area that has always been cultivated with vines and where Oenologist Iacopo Paolucci has discovered the perfect place for the creation of his company. His project aims to encourage the use of native vines such as Grechetto di Todi, Trebbiano Spoletino and Grero di Todi, a red grape variety grown in olden times and recently rediscovered, and of course, Artenova wine-jars are well known for bringing out the distinct flavour of any kind of grape.

Artenova wine-jars in the cellar of Iacopo Paolucci in Monte Castello di Vibio, Todi, Umbria

Paolucci’s is a recent company: its first vineyards were planted in 2012. The small and practical wine cellar was built in 2016, the year of its first vintage. All the vineyards are located at an altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level on red-clay and sandstone soils and are worked without the systematic use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Again in Umbria in the province of Terni, in Monterubaglio, 350 meters above sea level, in a hamlet in the municipality of Castel Viscardo, we find an Artenova Amphora from Impruneta welcoming us in the little square in front of the cellar of “Terrazzedispazzavento”

Piazzetta a Monterubiaglio, fraction of Castel Viscardo, Terni

The cellar of “Terrazzedispazzavento” is dug into the local rock and there the grapes are transformed into wine and aged in terracotta wine- jars. White and red wines are obtained from the grapes from the terraces of the Spazzavento hillside, from a viticulture that is sustainable and respectful of the environment. The owner Alessandro writes: “In Monterubiaglio there is a square with its Castle, next to it, a small square with a Church. From here begins the alleyway that leads straight to my family’s wine cellar, a micro-reality where wine has always been produced. We will start our journey right here, from the alley where children run and laugh in Summer and where the scent of fermenting must envelopes you in the Autumn. We will go in and visit the small artisan workshop where the grapes are transformed into wine, then we will descend into the underlying cavern: here, where the wine ages, some bas-reliefs carved in the “matile” (sandstone) by my father Franco, depict scenes of peasant life, a strong and inseparable bond between art,
land and tradition”. An experience, therefore, not only for gourmets and wine connoisseurs, but also an artistic one, where our amphora is there to remind us of the wonderful combination of Wine, Art and Craftsmanship.

Entrance to the suggestive cellar of “Terrazze di Spazzavento”


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