Wine made in Amphora and the magic of Georgia: from Tbilisi to Impruneta, Artenova remembers the visit by two Georgian wine producers

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Georgia, “A trip to the origins of the vine”, to places in the Caucasus where, more than anywhere else, ancient traditions in the use of terracotta for winemaking continue to this day. This video tells of the magical mysterious Georgia, where time seems suspended: the city of Tbilisi, the river running through it, the wine maturing in amphorae buried in the ground, wine as it was 2500 years ago and the amphorae that make these wines so unique and different from anything else you have ever tasted.

Last November, at the International Convention “Terracotta and Wine 2014“, Artenova Terrecotte Artistiche from Impruneta Tuscany, hosted two wineries from Georgia: Gotsa Wines and Iago’s Wines, both from Tbilisi. Theirs was a tribute to the tradition of wine making in amphorae that the Georgians have never ceased practicing and to which Artenova patiently dedicates their craftsmanship every day.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta