Wine tasting from around the world in “Terracotta and Wine 2014”

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artenova - terracotta-e-vinoThe 1st International Convention (“Terracotta and Wine” 22 -23 Nov.2014, Fornace Agresti, Impruneta) the brainchild of the firm Artenova, terracotta craftsmen from Impruneta, under the organizational direction of the coordinator of the event, Sergio Bettini, will host 29 wine producers from all over the world. During the two-day event, in a designer set-up inside the old terracotta works Fornace Agresti, producers will present their wines at special wine tasting stalls where the public will not only be able to taste but also to buy red and white wines made in terracotta

On Saturday 22nd  Castello dei Rampolla, ForadoriAl di là del fiume and I Cacciagalli, four major producers on the Italian and global wine scene, will present their wines during the first guided wine tasting session of ” Terracotta and Wine 2014″. Each company will present two wines both of the same vintage and variety, one of which made in the traditional way and one fermented and aged in terracotta. The Producers themselves will be present to tell their own story and start a dialogue with the audience about the different ways of making biodynamic wine in terracotta. This wine tasting session will be led by agronomist and oenologist Adriano Zago.

On Sunday 23rd , a second wine tasting session will take us on a unique journey across continents during which eight producers, Italian and Worldwide, who all make wine in amphorae, tell us of landscapes and environments with soils and climates so very different from one another but each having in common the use of terracotta to make their wines. During the session, guided by oenologist Francesco Bartoletti, you will be able to taste wines produced in different kinds of clay, not only terracotta from Impruneta, but also from Spain and Georgia. The producers present for the wine tasting are:

Azienda Agricola Cos(Sicily); Tenuta Casadei (Tuscany); Azienda Agricola Francesco Cirelli, (Abruzzo); Società Agricola Crealto Alfiano (Piedmont); Pyramid Valley Vineyards (New Zealand); Trofeo Estate (Australia); AmByth Estate(United States); Gotsa Family wines, (Georgia).


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