Open to all: the event in Impruneta ”Terracotta and Wine” 22 -23 Nov 2014, will be open to the general public

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calice vino

Open to all: The event in Impruneta ” Terracotta and Wine” 22 -23 Nov 2014, sponsored by the Firm Artenova dedicated to experiences of wine making in terracotta from all over the world, due to start in less than ten days time, will be open to the general public, not only for experts, connoisseurs and wine lovers. The entrance fee is 12 Euro and is valid for both days of the event. It includes a wineglass, which enables you to sample the white and red wines of the 29 producers attending the event. The wines will be displayed on wine tasting stalls where they can also be purchased! See you there!


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta