The new terracotta bottle for wine use made by Artenova

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The Artenova Terracotte company from Impruneta, Florence, has just unveiled a new, innovative product: a terracotta bottle for professional wine consumption. Tested by experts for the long term conservation of wine, this terracotta bottle can be corked just like a normal glass bottle, with a standard cork.

For those who are already familiar with amphorae, this bottle is yet another reference to the ancient relationship between wine and terracotta. Wine comes from the Earth and the final step of transferring it into a terracotta bottle represents a further symbiosis with its roots. Terracotta and wine, a close link that Artenova over the years has been able to raise to a state-of-the-art.

Terracotta for professional use. Here’s what we mean

When we refer to the new bottle as being made of “terracotta for professional use”, the reference is to the clay-mix used for its realization, which has a different composition from the one used for wine jars. The distinction between jars and bottles arises precisely from the fact that each has a distinct purpose: in the Jar, the wine undergoes significant evolution through fermentation and aging. When the wine reaches the terracotta bottle, it has completed the fermentation process and is now available for sale.

Even though the amphora and the bottle are two different containers with different functions, for the wine producer, the transition from one to the other represents a continuity. This is also true from a commercial point of view. Aesthetic and marketing aspects are a great influence in the decision of winemakers to present their wines in a terracotta bottle, a product of strikingly unusual beauty but that, when it comes to ageing, behaves exactly the same way as a glass bottle.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta