The terracotta amphora. The inimitable uniqueness of a pure material. Double interview with Francesco Bartoletti and Adriano Zago


Terracotta has been utilized by wine producers for numerous years as a material of exceptional quality for the purpose of preserving and maturing their wines. Artenova, a company from Impruneta, renowned for its production of terracotta wine-jars, has been exporting its products worldwide for more than 15 years. In an exclusive interview, Artenova explains the inimitable uniqueness of a pure material, namely terracotta. Francesco Bartoletti (left) and Adriano Zago (below), both renowned winemakers and consultants with extensive international experience, provide insightful explanations on the use of amphora in winemaking.

They tell us why terracotta has the ability to enhance the characteristics of grape varieties; which variety of vines lend themselves better to vinification in amphora, and how to determine whether the amphora you purchase is made with terracotta or other types of ceramic material. These and other pertinent points are elucidated by Bartoletti and Zago, highlighting the interview on the differences between oak barrels and terracotta jars, but also between terracotta, ceramic materials and stoneware.

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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta