A video of the two days event at Impruneta dedicated to amphora wine. Protagonist (the wines), guest producers and visitors

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A summary of the event “Terracotta and Wine 2018”, which took place in Impruneta on 24th and 25th November 2018, can now be seen in a photographic video (“Terracotta and Wine 2018, the ancient binomial for the wine of the future”) produced by the Association “La terracotta e il vino”, who together with partners Artenova, co-organized the event. The protagonists of the video are the wines, the guest producers of the event, the wine shop, the highlights of the technical conference and the guided wine tasting sessions with international guests. Above all the general public, the loyal and faithful visitors of the biennial for three editions. Five minutes of footage that recount the two days dedicated to terracotta wines that reconfirm Impruneta as capital for Wine in Amphora.

See the video on the Artenova website


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta