Archeology, nature, wine, and terracotta in Leonardo Parisi’s visit to Bosco Dé Medici

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Bosco De ’Medici Winery, Pompeii

Bosco De ’Medici Winery, Pompeii

The visit to the Agricola Bosco Dé Medici a few weeks ago by Leonardo Parisi to the company based in Pompeii strengthens the relationship between the owner of the Terracotta workshop of Impruneta to the wine producers who have chosen the oldest, and today more than ever modern technique, that of making wine in amphora.

“Only from a great grape can a great wine originate …” reports the web-site of Bosco dé Medici, so called because a branch of the Florentine Medici family in the mid sixteenth century, acquired the feud, increasing and improving the quality of the vines. The winery is located on the slopes of Vesuvius, an excellent position for the growth and production of prestigious vines. Here the volcanic soils are particularly sandy and rich in minerals. A few years ago the company of Pompeii decided to go freelance and make wine by integrating ancient methods with modern techniques.
From these choices originated a high quality wine, the white “Dressel 19.2”(photo below) which is an Igt (typical geographical indication) Pompeian, aged 6 months in amphora. It received the symbol of three glasses from the well-known guidebook, Gambero Rosso, the maximum recognition and indication of high quality and value for a wine.

This white, called Dressel 19.2, is made from a variety of grapes called “Caprettone” (big goat!) that grow exclusively on the slopes of Vesuvius, the grapes are carefully chosen and picked by hand, then vinified and aged in 250 litre terracotta amphorae. The result is a golden yellow wine with amber nuances and a unique flavour and complexity, a subtle wine but rich in intense aromas and with good alcohol content. Another example of the happy combination of terracotta and wine.

The name Dressel 19.2 is a tribute to the late nineteenth century archaeologist  Heinrich Dressel  scholar and cataloguer of ancient ceramics and terracotta vessels. The number 19.2 is the map coordinates of the vineyard “La Rotonda ” where the esteemed grapes come from.




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