Terracotta and Wine 2022 is back on 4 th and 5 th June at the Certosa di Firenze

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At last we are back! After two years, during which time we had to postpone “Terracotta and Wine” several times, the Cultural Association La Terracotta e il vino is now going ahead with the organisation of the fourth edition “Terracotta and Wine 2022”, the most important Amphora Wine event in the world. It is scheduled for 4 th – 5 th of June, a summer edition this time instead of the usual cooler November dates. The event will be held at the Certosa di Firenze, a magnificent monastic complex on the outskirts of Florence. In addition to being a unique site for its wealth of Art and History, it offers spacious and welcoming environments. As with past editions Artenova Terrecotte owned by Leonardo and Andrea Parisi (Impruneta, Florence), leader in Italy in the production of wine jars, will again be the main sponsor of this year’s event.

Since 2008, Artenova has been using the unique Impruneta clay to make large terracotta amphorae for winemaking. The business has been evolving for over a decade and has conquered large market spaces both in Italy and abroad. Winemaking in Amphora is a technique that has its roots far back in time. By reviving the winemaking techniques of the distant past, today’s wine producers find a new interpretation for the wine of the future.

The programme of the event has yet to be defined but there will be 60 exhibitors, all Amphora Wine Producers from Italy and abroad. At their own counters they will personally present their wines for people to taste over the two days. There will also be guided wine-tasting events led by expert oenologists and a technical conference which will bring together Italian and international experts in debates on Amphora Wine Culture with updates on the scientific innovations of the use of terracotta in oenology. Participating in the event during the two days of the Certosa will be like taking a journey through time, with an eye to the future of a product that is already making headway in the present.

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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta